IP: marlboro-war.servegame.com   Port: 7171   Client: 8.6   Host: New York   
We recommend to our players to not use auto 1 hotkeys on elfbot. This can severely worsen the connection to the server. Use instead auto 200-500 for a pleased experience.


 ChangeLog Marlboro #2 [23/01/21]

Skills System

As a result of our last survey (here), we have limited the skills.

Skills have been properly staged - more information here
Due to this change, will probably add more ways to achieve skills in a future.

Push System

We would like to know your thoughts about a new configuration we planning
to add on the push system.
For more information and vote about this please visit our survey.


-Utero Mas Son - now grants more shieldpercent at casting.
-Utura Mas San - now grants more shieldpercent at casting.

General Changes

-Shielding skill on mages now is more easy to level up (40% be precise)
-Increased min, max value by 100-150 on the Great Health Potion (Knights)

-Stone skin amulet - death protection has been reduced from 50% to 35%.

 ChangeLog Marlboro #1 [15/01/21]


-Fixed an issue at creating accounts thorugh account manager.
-Fixed an issue where you could grab unmovable objects.
-Fixed an issue with shop windows on NPC Herrero.
-Fixed an issue on our custom client were in a weird situation you could get debug.


-Our custom clients has been updated. Please download at downloads page.
Please keep in mind old custom clients version will no longer work.


-Added account logs on the account management page for security reasons.
-the Quick Login no longer store your account in cache for security reasons.
-New page banishements
-Many improvements to the website.


-A new event called Safezone has been added to the game.

-The countdown of Run Event will no longer restart in case the server shutdown.
-We have improve multi-client checks on Bosses Event.
-Monsters on Zombie Event are now equal for everyone, needs 35 hits to kill.
-The CTF Event (automatically ends after 25 minutes - team with best score win)

-Now push on events will have a delay of 0.5 seconds (far push remains 0 exhaust)


-A NPC called God of War has been added to the game, it gives the possibility to open venore to players - every 60 minutes will cost 25 crystal coins.


-Spell Exani Hur has been enabled again - have fun!

-Utero Mas Son - mana required has been reduced to 40% manapercent
-Utura Mas San - mana required has been reduced to 40% manapercent
-Uteto Mas Hur - now gives +75% healthpercent and +35 shielding (unlike before which gave +35% health percent, +15 axe fighting and +25 shielding)


-NPC PRO Seller has been re-worked to be more friendly-use.
-The Professional Access requirements has been reduced significantly.

We also invite you to read the changes we made while the server was online.

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