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 ChangeLog Marlboro (15/05/20)

General Information

-NPC Boost stone has been recalled to VIP Seller (More info below)
-Added flowers and boxes on NPC Herrero
-Is no longer possible to create two or more characters with the same name.

-Fixed an issue at shopsystem on changing your name
-Added tag [PRO] on changename option (you need the professional access)
-Added an option on accountmanagement to hide your former names.
-Reworked transactions page.

-Spell "Exori" damage has been decreased.
-Spells effects has been reverted to the original.

-Added "blank rune" to Ghost Demon loot.
-New event added called "Dream Event" (Best event to earn money)

About the Professional Access & Rare Items

The Professional Access is a new brand feature integrated to our server.

This access can be acquired with the NPC PRO Seller located on temple. You must know that this access has a requirement of 1500 total frags and 500 crystal coins.

Once you acquire it, you will be able to create and use rare items and the possibility to use the tag [PRO] on your name through the changename service.

Items you can create with the NPC:
super manarune, titan glove and infinity amulet.

Items you can transform into Frozen with the NPC:
legend backpack and uncharged orb.

About the Marlboro Map

Currently we are still working on the map, for now there are few traps modified and new ones added. We are slowly making progress, so expect more change on maps in the next weeks.

As extra info: exani hur spell has been removed from the game, however you still can scale up/down floors by using 3 boxs/chests stacked.

 ChangeLog Marlboro (22/10/19)

General Information

-New command !stats (it changes your bar stats to percent or points)
-New look on latestnews page.
-Fixed some bugs on several events.
-Fixed an issue with Death System.
-Fixed an issue with the Outfit Runner Doll.
-Added description to Custome Box.
-Boost Stone (Magic) has been fixed already.
-A new description "Created by" added to walls.
-Frozen Golem loot rate "Starlight" raised from 25% to 35%

-Reaching magic level 155, your magic rate will decrease in 15%
-Reaching dist fighting 145, your distance rate will decrease in 10%
-Reaching axe fighting 150, your axe rate will decrease in 5%

 ChangeLog Marlboro (05/10/19)

Server Items

-New item "Uncharged orb" It gives mana and health percent.
-New item "Stylist Potion" It gives the addons of your current outfit.
-New item "Luckybox" Randomly gives you a item from the Marlboro Shop.
-New item "Ranked Orb" Instantly grants you +10 rank points

-Removed Legend Arrow and Frozen Arrow from the game.
-Removed Titan Glove from the shop, it will be obtainable in-game only.

Server Events

-Once you enter to a event your Summons will be deleted
-Aswell, when you enter on a event, your Damage to other players will be removed.
-Boss Bazir is now passive for free players (if you dont attack him, he doesnt attack) -From now on, its possible to walkthrough walls in Run Event.

General Information

-All free sets has been raise their stats in +1 skills and + 1% protection
-New KD rate based on lifetime frags/deaths has been added to chart description.
-New commands added to the server - !played, !time and !skills
-Now free-players need level 350 to send private messages (prevent spam).
-Now you can exchange stackable hearts for cash in the temple.
-New zones for push-duels has been added to our map.

-As before, sorceres deal 10% + damage and druids heals 10% more than sorceres.
-Now Axe Fighting is 10% more faster to upgrade.

-Monster "Blistering Fire Elemental" is no longer possible to summon it.

-New attribute to the Runner Outfit.
-Now the Babarian Outfit can be only obtained by getting addons.
-Aswell Retro Outfit is only obtaible by assists, more info visit: Outfits Page

-Several changes has been made to our website.

New Rank System
-A new system with multiples rank names and rewards has been added.
-To get rank points the only thing you need to do is playing and war.

Push System
-Diagonal pushing fixed (this chance wont be reverted under any circumstance).

Paralzye System
-A delay has been added to the Paralyze Rune. Now when a player is paralyzed a delay will be granted to him, preventing from beign paralyzed again until 5 seconds have elapsed (runner outfit will grant +2 seconds to the 5 seconds delay, meaning in a total of 7 seconds of protection). Aswell the power of this rune has been raised a bit. This rune will cost 25% mana per use, however it will only gives 2000 points of mana spent. Players wont be able to be pushed until a few miliseconds have elapsed after beign paralyzed.

-You can use "exura" or "haste" spells to remove this condition, but only 1 second after of beign paralyzed.

Death System
-Our death system has been changed, now instead of log out, you will be teleported to the temple and all your conditions will be removed except for buffs.

-Aswell, damage taken and damage given will be removed on death (as normal system) in order to avoid experience points issues.

About the new host for Marlboro

The server has been moved to a different location New York, this change was mainly made to have a better balanced host for everyone, aswell we hope to get more new communities with this.

Of course, it wont be the same for Mexico, you wont feel it as before, but still is very playable, ping can be raise up for Mexico between 10~35 ms.

About the new points back up system.

Unlike before, now every donation will be registered in the way you will be able to see every one of them, aswell your backed premium points, in case of anything.
You can see them in the page transactions, here.

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