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We recommend to our players to not use auto 1 hotkeys on elfbot. This can severely worsen the connection to the server. Use instead auto 200-500 for a pleased experience.


 ChangeLog Marlboro #6 [29/10/20]

General Information

Halloween Promotion ! Get 50% extra points until 31 october.


-A new ring called Emerald Bangle has been added to the game.
(It has a cost of 3,000,000 gold coins and you can acquire it through NPC Ring Seller)


-A new spell called exevo skin backpack has been added to the game.
-Buff spells has been renamed to Strengthener.

 ChangeLog Marlboro #5 [30/09/20]

General Information

-Added a new feature called Essence System has been added to the game.
(more information please visit essence system)


-New retro outfits has been added to the shop.


-Warmaster & wayfarer outfits has been added to the game.

-Jester outfits stack problem has been fixed on our custom client.

 ChangeLog Marlboro #4 [04/08/20]

General Information

-New channel Events (On this, you can track all events made during the day.)

New Private Rooms

Now you can have push-duels with a friend or rival on our private rooms which are located in the Push-Duel zone inside the Carlin teleport.

At the moment, we count with 3 private rooms and only 2 players can join per room. Once you step in on a private room, you will have 45 seconds until your rival comes in to the room. If no rival comes in, you will be automatically kicked from the room and you will not able to get in again until 30 seconds have elapsed.

After that, an interval of 5 minutes will be set for both players to get kicked from the room. If you leave the room while you are with a rival, you will be punished and you will not be able to enter again for a while, depending on how much time you were on the room.

 ChangeLog Marlboro #3 [17/07/20]

General Information

-Shop items and rare items or containers containing them are no longer possible to throw to the floor. This is because many people were abusing due to a bot hotkey able to throw all this mentioned items to the floor.


-Spell (Buff) Utero Mas Son - now it requires 45% manapercent to be casted
-Spell (Buff) Utura Mas San - now it requires 50% manapercent to be casted
-Spell (Buff) Utera Mas San - now it requires 70% manapercent to be casted
-Spell (Buff) Uteto Mas Hur - now it requires 90% manapercent to be casted

Only Knights Buff gives you manaspent points.

About The Change Of Buff Spells

At the beggining, buff spells were intended only for low levels but anyone was able to use it since the required mana was practicaly none. We made this change in order to balance the things.

So from now on, at low level you wont have any problem casting this spell but the more level you get the more harder will be to cast it.

 ChangeLog Marlboro #2 [06/07/20]

General Information

-Command !frags now shows the current and total amount of frags.
-Fixed a bug related to nobleman and norseman addons at NPC Sell Addons.
-Fixed/corrected several items description.
-Second Promotion (now can be only used in protection zone).

-Level scroll now gives {5, 3, 1} levels depending on your experience.
-Golden level scroll now gives between 7 ~ 15 levels at use.

-Decrease requirements on Professional Access from (1500 total frags, 500 crystal coins) to (1050 total frags, 450 crystal coins).

-Dream event capacity has been reduced from 15 to 12 participants.


-Rune Paralyze - manapercent required increased from 25% to 30%
(Keep in mind that this rune only gives 2000 points of manaspent)

-Spell Exura San - manapercent required reduced from 1.3% to 1.0%
-Spell Exevo Mas San - manapercent required reduced from 2.8% to 2.4%

-Spell Exori Hur - slighty damage increased and exhaustion decrease.
-Spell Exori Gran - now requires 340 base mana + 18% percent to casted.
-Spell Exori - now requires 285 base mana + 15% percent to be casted.
-Spell Exori Mas - mana requirement reduced from 1000 to 350 mana points.
-Spell Uteto Mas Hur - now requires 25% manapercent to be casted.
-Spell Exana Mort - now takes in consideration magic level.

About Experience

Currently we are working on balancing levels, so from now on starting from level 750 your experience will be staged and the last stage will be at level 1250.

Aswell we have been reduced the death penalty to only 1 level per death starting from level 850, this changes are under revision so we may re-work this later.

 ChangeLog Marlboro #1 [15/05/20]

General Information

-NPC Boost stone has been recalled to VIP Seller (More info below)
-Added flowers and boxes on NPC Herrero
-Is no longer possible to create two or more characters with the same name.

-Fixed an issue at shopsystem on changing your name
-Added tag [PRO] on changename option (you need the professional access)
-Added an option on accountmanagement to hide your former names.
-Reworked transactions page.

-Spell "Exori" damage has been decreased.
-Spells effects has been reverted to the original.

-Added "blank rune" to Ghost Demon loot.
-New event added called "Dream Event" (Best event to earn money)

About the Professional Access & Rare Items

The Professional Access is a new brand feature integrated to our server.

This access can be acquired with the NPC PRO Seller located on temple. You must know that this access has a requirement of 1500 total frags and 500 crystal coins.

Once you acquire it, you will be able to create and use rare items and the possibility to use the tag [PRO] on your name through the changename service.

Items you can create with the NPC:
super manarune, titan glove and infinity amulet.

Items you can transform into Frozen with the NPC:
legend backpack and uncharged orb.

About the Marlboro Map

Currently we are still working on the map, for now there are few traps modified and new ones added. We are slowly making progress, so expect more change on maps in the next weeks.

As extra info: exani hur spell has been removed from the game, however you still can scale up/down floors by using 3 boxs/chests stacked.

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