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We would to introduce our new essence system.
This system was created to allow you to enable extra attributes without forcing you to use a specific outfit or condition.
 How to enable a essence?
It will provide all information you need.
!essence name
It will enable the essence you type.
!essence remove
It will remove your current essence.

Shown outfits are permanently. You dont need to use them to active an essence!
Currently we count with only 4 essences but we plan to add more in a future.
Name How to get Bonus Professional

PRO Become a professional player. +50 health/s
+50 mana/s

Runner You need the runner doll. +2 increaseDelay paralyze
+40 speed
Runner Outfit

Barbarian You need at least 35 addons. +3% protection physical
+2% protection holy
+250 health
+250 mana
Barbarian Outfit

Warrior You need 10.500 assistences. +7 axe fighting
+7 dist fighting
+7 magic level
+1000 health
+1000 mana
Keep in mind, you must enable a essence everytime you log-in to the game.
Actives essences are shown on player description.

Latest update client: 05.08.2021
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