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Get premium points

Currently, we have a few methods to obtain premium points.

First method is by exchanging human hearts which you can collect on dead bodies, once you get a heart you can ask to NPC Dementor for an exchange.

Every 1 human heart equals to 1 premium point.

This NPC is located under the main temple.

Last but not least, adquired points from this NPC are stored in your account in case a restart account takes place those points will be returned, you can check more about this clicking here.

Second method is by participating on the events, currently you can get premium points on 5 events which are: bosses, firestorm, bomberman, snowball and zombie events.

Once you win in one of those events, you will get a premium card with a random amount of premium points (100, 250 or 500).

You can see the events scheluder click here.

Our last method is by buying premium points directly to us.

Same as adquiring points from NPC Dementor, points are stored in your account.

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