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New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

[PRO] Biskut Nofear is guild leader of Dominando.
The guild was founded on Marlboro on 10 October 2020.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title
[DNT] Eraa-habbiine (Venezuelaaaaa)
[PRO] Biskut Nofear (Bsk)
[PRO] Black Magic (Gabriel Here!)
[PRO] Magician Nofear (~!~ NO2TA W MDA7 3ALA ZEBY ~!~)
Brollytz (wlfo)
Davide (Davide)
Push Para
V-e-r-g-e-r-o (Mexicano-Vergero)
[DNT] Alex Gomez (dominicano)
[DNT] Crespo
[DNT] Extreme The Knight (matamos juntos,morimos juntos)
[DNT] Hermone
[DNT] Radrix Afk
[DNT] The Punisher (Tu pesadilla .l.-_-.l.)
[DNT] Tornado (Tornado Is One )
[PRO] Most Nofear (From Karamy!)
Bkt (Old P - THX Cronox)
Itz To Pn (🥀🖤فريق جيد)
Minutz (حزين 🥀🖤)
[DNT] Artheus (º•º Antoni Polanco º•º)
[DNT] Baffens (El Magnate)
[DNT] Cryptographichash
[DNT] Deviance
[DNT] Fall In Love (Respect me)
[DNT] Frozen Hit
[DNT] Kyller Blood (Weed Rlz)
[DNT] Lord Saginario ([DNT]mis amor lord)
[DNT] Magnon ({*A-S-H-R-A-F*})
[DNT] Mathias Jr (Jhan Gómez 🚀)
[DNT] My Sd (No hands pvp)
[DNT] Quntalix
[DNT] Setaryn (Guiri Returns )
[DNT] Shakuza
[DNT] Shokocl
[DNT] Sild Gabriela (DOMINICANO ,l, ,l,)
[DNT] Smooke Weed
[DNT] Surrender Your Love (Brainsout)
[DNT] Vip Maryo Two (egypt)
[PRO] Legendary Angel (spitting facts)

Guild Statistic
Type Value
Guild Members 42
Guild Frags 34630
Online 14
Average Level 1081
Lowest Player [DNT] Deviance (565)
Highest Player [DNT] My Sd (1349)

Invited Characters
[DNT] Barbar Marmar
[DNT] Mr Bean
[DNT] Negritox
[DNT] Super Xuando
[DNT] Tornado Ii
[PRO] Mangoo Nofear

Latest update client: 30.09.2020
 Online: 122
 Accounts: 8708
 Characters: 10866
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