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Guild Details


Guild Leadership[DNT] Sagitarius is guild leader of Don's
Creation DateThe guild was founded on Marlboro on 22 January 2021

Guild Members
Rank Player Name
[DNT] Don Wey (Careverga)
[DNT] Junger Meister
[DNT] Namekuzeny
[DNT] Oak (Zaratustra)
[DNT] Pegasus
[DNT] Russel (<><><><><><>)
[DNT] Sagitarius
[DNT] Trenbolone
Bugs Bunny
[DNT] Cronox
[DNT] Eliezer (Puto si lo lees)
[DNT] Elistow
[DNT] Katheryn Winnick (PIXELS 2D)
[DNT] Masteron
[DNT] Nicole ($Wick$)
[DNT] Propionatee
[PRO] Chuyo Maton
Tamal De Pollo
[DNT] Combo Esede
[DNT] Daenerys
[DNT] Doom The Best
[DNT] Floyd Mayweather (Abdo Dawla)
[DNT] H-boss
[DNT] Hunter Zolomon
[DNT] Jerome Valeska
[DNT] Nautica
[DNT] Olw Earth
[DNT] Terence
[PRO] King Karmellaa (~!Karmella!%^,)

Guild Statistics
Guild Members29
Guild Frags23244
Total Levels29647
Average Level1022
Lowest Player[DNT] Masteron (300)
Highest Player[DNT] Junger Meister (1676)

Invited Characters
[DNT] Shiranui

Latest update client: 15.01.2021
 Online: 114
 Accounts: 3518
 Characters: 4446
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