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You Are Dead

Acaso no lo viste venir!?

Requisitos: ser dnt y discord.

[DNT] King Snow is guild leader of You Are Dead.
The guild was founded on Marlboro on 19 May 2020.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title
Death Leader
[DNT] Blueeface
[DNT] King Frosty
[DNT] King Snow (Psy Here)
[DNT] Dream Forest (Dream Girl😈)
Death Member
Shaker Rp
Sombra oscura
[DNT] Blueface (Dominicana)
[DNT] Blueface Jr (¨¨El domii¨)
[DNT] Bog Smierci (push all)
[DNT] Davidje ((Epic))
[DNT] Dream Prosnout (Prosnout )
[DNT] El Wero
[DNT] Hezlord (SoloM)
[DNT] Imrox
[DNT] Javier (Minii Wins)
[DNT] Mainna
[DNT] Matacovid
[DNT] Mini Wins
[DNT] Never Give Up
[DNT] Telemaco
[DNT] Tupac
[DNT] Xablau

Guild Statistic
Type Value
Guild Members 22
Guild Frags 10864
Online 8
Average Level 981
Lowest Player [DNT] Mainna (368)
Highest Player [DNT] King Snow (1361)

Invited Characters
King Hades
King Osiann
[DNT] Abo Shaker
[DNT] Intoxyc

 Online: 177
 Accounts: 2034
 Characters: 2526
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