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Guild Details

Always Rush

Guild Leadership[DNT] Gabriel Bakit is guild leader of Always Rush
Creation DateThe guild was founded on Marlboro on 3 February 2021

Guild Members
Rank Player Name
[DNT] Gabriel Bakit (Retired🌹)
Tinkyy Winky (TeCoronaElVirusOteCoronoYo)
[DNT] Pintia
[DNT] Tyren
[PRO] Era-habbine (Mi Dia Fav)
[DNT] Canuto (*Tyren*)
[DNT] Freska Moviement (El NoToRio FRESKA# SV7)
[DNT] Koko Tanko
[DNT] Lord Udon (Sifuentes)
[DNT] Carlos Old
[DNT] Dmirty (full sd)
[DNT] Evil Hell Raiser (MaYoO0)
[DNT] Katio Senju (Master Druid )
[DNT] Lord Paulistinha (Family The Rock )
[DNT] Muahahahajaa
[DNT] Paladinz
[DNT] Pande
[DNT] Real Kobra (Fuck System)
[DNT] Royal Emotion (SharpShooter ♾)
[DNT] Without Knowledge
[PRO] Dr Powerz (K-E-M-O♕♡)

Guild Statistics
Guild Members22
Guild Frags775
Total Levels8293
Average Level377
Lowest Player[DNT] Gabriel Bakit (300)
Highest Player[DNT] Without Knowledge (909)

Invited Characters
Guare Tauge

Latest update client: 15.01.2021
 Online: 34
 Accounts: 5499
 Characters: 6860
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