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Become a professional

Become a professional and create the rare items on the game!
First you must talk with NPC PRO Seller located on temple:

Image from Gyazo

To access to the rare items, you must be a professional player.
Requirements: 750 total frags, 300 crystal coins and 5 mbwar tokens.

Once you become a pro you will be granted with the PRO Essence (more information here),
and the access to create-use the rare items.

Also you will be able to change your prefix to [PRO] through the changename service.

Rare items available
Super Manarune
+100 healing points
Frozen Orb
+5% health
+3% mana
Frozen Backpack
+5% physical protection
100/s hp & mana regeneration
Infinity Amulet
+3 skills
+3% protection all
50/s hp & mana regeneration
Titan Glove
+5 skills
+5% protection holy
Keep in mind you must create those items.

Upgrade your equipment with boost stones

Boost stones can upgrade any skill on your equipment (amulets, rings, weapons and boots) cannot be boosted.

You can use 4 stones max per item and only upgrade to (+2) a skill in each item.

Success Rate!

 First upgrade: 80% success  Second upgrade: 65% success

Boost stones can be acquire with the NPC Boost Seller on the following location:

Image from Gyazo

Here is a table with costs depending on the skill:

 Boost Type  Cost per stone
 Boost (Magic)  3 mbwar tokens
 Boost (Dist)  3 mbwar tokens
 Boost (Axe)  3 mbwar tokens
 Boost (Shield)  2 mbwar tokens

For further information about mbwar tokens visit the events page.

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