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Registrations will be enabled on 3 December.

All players have to accept the following, so called "Marlboro Rules", in order to play the game.
Marlboro Rules
In order to ensure that this game is fun for everyone, the administration expects all players to behave in a reasonable and friendly manner.
    Such behaviour includes the following offences:
  1. Names
    • • a) Characters name which were created to fake other players identities.
  2. Statements
    • • a) Advertising content which is not related to the game or offering/buying Marlboro items for real money/tibia coins.
    • • b) Inciting to violate the Marlboro Rules.
  3. Cheating
    • • a) Trying to steal other players account data ("hacking").
    • • b) Manipulating the client program to take advantage from others players.
    • • c) Intentionally getting an excessive amount of rewards by killing a character repeatedly (such behaviour can be a result of your character being restarted).
    • • d) Using tools to automatically perform actions such as "cavebotting for rewards".
    • • e) Playing more than 1 character, except for training purposes.
  4. Staff Members
    • • a) Pretending to be a staff member or to have influence on the decisions of a staff member.
    • • b) Intentionally giving wrong or misleading information to a staff member concerning his or her investigations or making false reports about rule violations.
  5. Destructive behavior
    • • a) Harassment or ruin the game experience for other players.

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