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Server Events

 NPC Token Exchanger
You can find the NPC Boost Seller under the temple, this NPC can exchange your tokens for valuable items as boost stones and some others to improve your equipment.

Marlboro Events
Current Time: Thu 15:06:32 (GMT-5) - Scheluded Events

Run Run
Just run! Run until you see a reward chest.

On this event, you simply need to participate on the killing of the boss and at the moment he die, only one player from all who has been participated will be selected randomly and win the event.

The objective its to avoid the zombies, the player who can stay longer inside the arena without being eaten by a zombie wins the event.

The point is to avoid the fire that is falling from the sky, a normal fire will appear as warning on a SQM and there is where the fire will fall, the last player on survive will win the event.

Snowball War
The main objective of the event is to bring down the maximum number of players during a match - throwing snowballs at your enemies using command !snowball shoot and to see the score you can use !snowball info. The player who got more kill points at the end of the round will be the winner.

Main objective is explode your enemies using command !bomb to plant a bomb and kill your enemies. You can find some boosters inside the event by destroying blocks to improve your bombs and your speed. Only 12 players can join to the event and 3 can be winners.
It requires a total of 12 players to start.

A Dream
Once the event starts, a large amount of gold coins will drop on the event zone, you must walk into the gold and recollect as much as you can. In your path u may find treasure chests that will give some extra gold.
It requires a total of 15 players to start.

This event divides two teams in a balanced way in a special area for PvP and these two teams must battle each other. When one of the teams gets 50 kills wins.

Capture Flag
The main objective of this event is to capture 2 enemy flags. Team red and green have to go to the base enemy, capture the flag and return to its base, only then the team will score. Only one player from each team can carry the flag.
Some items are not always on the reward (lucky drop).

Happy Time
 Randomly starts between 12:00 PM and 20:00 PM
Already started at 1:09:22 PM
Event Benefits: x2 lost souls and platinums.

Latest update client: 30.09.2020
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 Accounts: 8783
 Characters: 10962
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