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Skull System

25 frags 100 frags 150 frags 250 frags 500 frags

Experience Stages

300-750 LevelBase Experience
750-850 LevelBase Experience -18%850-950 LevelBase Experience -37%
950-1050 LevelBase Experience -44% 1050-1150 LevelBase Experience -56%
1150-1250 LevelBase Experience -63% 1250-2000 LevelBase Experience -75%

Death Penalty

850-1150 Level1 level1150~ Level1 level + percentage


!changesexChange your character sex.
!fragsShows how many frags-assists you have.
!pointsShows your current premium points on account.
!spellsShows your available spells.
!onlineCheck how many players are online.
!uptimeCheck for how long the server has been online.
!rankShows the best players on the server.
!goChange the outfit of all your members guild (Only Leader)
!guildSend a broadcast to all your members guild (Only Leader)
!playedShows how many time you have playing the server.
!timeShows the server time.
!skillsCheck your skills progress.
!statsChanges your stats value to percentage/points.
!showhealthEnable-disable healing effects.
!showmanaEnable-disable mana effects
!showcolorChanges the color of your healing-mana effects.
!serverinfoShows the server info such as experience, rates and spawn time.
!essenceEnable an essence (more information visit essence system)


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