IP: marlboro-war.servegame.com   Port: 7171   Client: 8.6   Host: New York   


Skull System
25 frags Yellow Skull
100 frags Green Skull
150 frags White Skull
250 frags Red Skull
500 frags Black Skull

From LevelTo LevelExperienceDeath Penalty
300999Base ExperienceNone
10001499Base Experience -17%1 Level
15001999Base Experience -34%3 Levels
20003000Base Experience -51%7 Levels

!fragsHow many frags you have
!pointsHow many premium points you have
!spellsSee which spells you can use
!onlineCheck how many players are online
!uptimeCheck for how long the server has been online
!rankShows the best players on the server
!changenderChange your sex
!goChange the outfit of all your members guild (Only Leader)
!guildSend a broadcast to all your members guild. (Only Leader)
!bpssaBuy a backpack of ssa.

Latest update client: 30.09.2020
 Online: 104
 Accounts: 8783
 Characters: 10962
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