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Black Bulls659 Elder Druid
us BoonoGuild: (Dominando)1206 Biochemist
us Brunninzera998 Elder Druid
Chin Chan Pu427 Royal Paladin
Daniel Iel300 Elder Druid
us DavideGuild: (Dominando)1163 Alchemist
br Florate300 Elder Druid
no FotexGuild: (Kings)1254 Alchemist
eg Gohan302 Elder Druid
de Haze1103 Biochemist
us Herro700 Elder Druid
br Iel Daniel800 Master Sorcerer
no IstehoreGuild: (Kings)984 Archer
pe Last To Know1055 Archer
pl Linda Here Kurwy403 Elder Druid
ve Magitox300 Master Sorcerer
ve Maike Manic799 Elder Druid
gb Ogien Kurwa399 Master Sorcerer
mx Pinche Perro691 Elder Druid
cl Prxy847 Elite Knight
br Rambo Tres1263 Elite Knight
Rambo Um960 Elite Knight
us Sante854 Elder Druid
pl Savagee640 Master Sorcerer
pe Say Lazy915 Archer
us Sexy Lady720 Elder Druid
mx Solman853 Elder Druid
br TazmaniaGuild: (Jovenes Realmente Apuestos)1413 Archer
br The InsaneGuild: (Red Family)850 Royal Paladin
at TherealfreakGuild: (Dominando)896 Elder Druid
ve Tu mamaGuild: (Red Family)872 Elder Druid
eg ZahuraGuild: (Kings)1365 Biochemist
br [DNT] Acura Nsx1052 Archer
ua [DNT] AkaliGuild: (Real No Fake)1272 Archer
fr [DNT] Anzo Evolution1396 Biochemist
ve [DNT] BaffensGuild: (Dominando)1051 Biochemist
eg [DNT] Barbar Marmar550 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Batlle Horizon1115 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Botsito1164 Archer
pl [DNT] BulldogGuild: (Red Family)1029 Biochemist
nl [DNT] Chinny Mansa1077 Biochemist
de [DNT] Columbus RiseGuild: (Red Family)1048 Archer
cl [DNT] Cosmo1309 Alchemist
br [DNT] Duky875 Biochemist
br [DNT] Extreme The KnightGuild: (Dominando)1179 Champion
ve [DNT] Faess889 Archer
pt [DNT] Fall In LoveGuild: (Dominando)1040 Archer
us [DNT] Gatito929 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Geuss889 Alchemist
pe [DNT] Gozu966 Alchemist
mx [DNT] H-bossGuild: (Jovenes Realmente Apuestos)1317 Biochemist
br [DNT] HecarimGuild: (Jovenes Realmente Apuestos)1332 Alchemist
us [DNT] HermoneGuild: (Kings)1087 Biochemist
mx [DNT] IcityGuild: (Kings)1190 Archer
mx [DNT] Ikee984 Biochemist
us [DNT] Just Kemo874 Archer
pa [DNT] Kripi1044 Biochemist
ro [DNT] Kyller BloodGuild: (Dominando)1270 Biochemist
vn [DNT] Lagu733 Archer
us [DNT] Lalisa869 Biochemist
de [DNT] Lil Bird1167 Archer
ve [DNT] Lord SaginarioGuild: (Dominando)851 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Mage chaoticGuild: (Kings)690 Biochemist
ve [DNT] Magic Hands859 Biochemist
mx [DNT] MardaokGuild: (Red Family)1186 Archer
br [DNT] Mclaren Senna1208 Archer
mx [DNT] Mellusha455 Biochemist
eg [DNT] Mr Bean547 Biochemist
es [DNT] Mugiwara No YaibaGuild: (Kings)1445 Archer
pt [DNT] My SdGuild: (Dominando)1344 Alchemist
gt [DNT] Nayarbond987 Champion
ca [DNT] Oakley710 Alchemist
ve [DNT] Radrix AfkGuild: (Dominando)1160 Biochemist
ve [DNT] Radrixitoh591 Archer
eg [DNT] Rampage Takashi919 Biochemist
ca [DNT] Riley706 Archer
cl [DNT] ShokoclGuild: (Dominando)1116 Champion
mx [DNT] SkinikGuild: (Kings)1193 Biochemist
es [DNT] Skizo1013 Alchemist
unknown [DNT] StuckedGuild: (Kings)1332 Alchemist
us [DNT] Supreme ArcherGuild: (Red Family)1223 Archer
vn [DNT] Supreme RexicanGuild: (Red Family)1201 Biochemist
pt [DNT] Surrender Your LoveGuild: (Dominando)1039 Archer
ve [DNT] Tanjiro805 Biochemist
se [DNT] Taste It1092 Alchemist
pe [DNT] The Firewort650 Biochemist
mx [DNT] The Looker973 Biochemist
eg [DNT] Tornado Ii552 Archer
us [DNT] VampelGuild: (Jovenes Realmente Apuestos)1188 Archer
mx [DNT] Vip JokerGuild: (Dont Panic)1188 Archer
mx [DNT] VoicesGuild: (Jovenes Realmente Apuestos)1538 Archer
mx [DNT] Walter White1053 Alchemist
fr [DNT] Warsz966 Biochemist
br [DNT] Whzz1029 Biochemist
eg [DNT] Wuareke696 Biochemist
ve [DNT] ZoeGuild: (Kings)1399 Archer
us [DNT] Zoos892 Champion
mx [PRO] Fader1104 Alchemist
pt [PRO] Legendary AngelGuild: (Dominando)1095 Archer
gr [PRO] OffenderGuild: (Kings)1517 Archer
us [PRO] Pefinz1186 Archer
es [PRO] Tinky Winky1261 Alchemist

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