IP: marlboro-war.servegame.com   Port: 7171   Client: 8.6   Host: New York   
We recommend to our players to not use auto 1 hotkeys on elfbot. This can severely worsen the connection to the server. Use instead auto 200-500 for a pleased experience.

Server Status
Server Uptime: 68h 47m
Currently 44 players are online on Marlboro.
Overall Maximum: 223 players (on Jan 23 2021, 14:01:32 GMT-5)

br AGuild: (Mortal Kombat)437 Biochemist
es Ayman Az Zawahiri440 Archer
br Braxter347 Master Sorcerer
mx Danger Bmw655 Biochemist
br Gordao Balistico489 Royal Paladin
Latex Paladin301 Royal Paladin
us Maldi300 Elder Druid
Paraiba Tv388 Elder Druid
mx Solta300 Elder Druid
Sonic Er391 Elder Druid
unknown [DNT] Akeronte536 Champion
mx [DNT] Asura300 Archer
mx [DNT] Brazzers731 Archer
es [DNT] Canelo387 Archer
eg [DNT] CrespoGuild: (Plata O Plomo)303 Archer
pl [DNT] Dance For Me BoyGuild: (Easy Ot)615 Archer
mx [DNT] Dnt Lord JuanGuild: (Virus Antrax)612 Alchemist
eu [DNT] Don AlfoGuild: (Blacklist)654 Biochemist
mx [DNT] El TakiaGuild: (Easy Ot)747 Biochemist
unknown [DNT] ElohimGuild: (Olympus)557 Champion
mx [DNT] Jesse pinkmanGuild: (Mortal Kombat)570 Biochemist
co [DNT] Juan Jo548 Biochemist
us [DNT] Koko TankoGuild: (Always Rush)491 Biochemist
ro [DNT] Kyller Blood784 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Latex758 Alchemist
mx [DNT] Lojo722 Biochemist
br [DNT] Mage Cabuloso544 Biochemist
vn [DNT] Master PvpGuild: (Yellow Rune)446 Archer
ve [DNT] MuahahahajaaGuild: (Always Rush)763 Biochemist
eg [DNT] Mythical Nerd361 Biochemist
ve [DNT] Negritox527 Biochemist
gr [DNT] Offender868 Archer
pl [DNT] Petarda FragmachineGuild: (Plata O Plomo)300 Biochemist
vn [DNT] Pucks300 Alchemist
eg [DNT] Pvp StylerGuild: (Always Rush)506 Biochemist
us [DNT] Senior GeneralGuild: (Mortal Kombat)844 Archer
mx [DNT] The Forgotten ServerGuild: (Simpsons)718 Biochemist
eg [DNT] Ti To348 Biochemist
eg [DNT] Ti To Rp864 Archer
us [DNT] Tiico Aak323 Archer
br [DNT] Vikings600 Biochemist
us [DNT] WantedGuild: (Target Player)817 Biochemist
mx [PRO] IcityGuild: (The Deadly Sins)430 Archer
br [PRO] ShazamGuild: (Mortal Kombat)848 Biochemist

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 Online: 44
 Accounts: 4733
 Characters: 5899
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