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We recommend to our players to not use auto 1 hotkeys on elfbot. This can severely worsen the connection to the server. Use instead auto 200-500 for a pleased experience.

Server Status
Server Uptime: 213h 4m
Currently 99 players are online on Marlboro.
Overall Maximum: 223 players (on Jan 23 2021, 14:01:32 GMT-5)

mx [DNT] Musstykz737 Alchemist
us [DNT] Da Vinci989 Alchemist
ve Gordoski Pakistan604 Master Sorcerer
unknown [DNT] Astronis864 Alchemist
eg King Dangeurs300 Master Sorcerer
pe BeyraGuild: (Always Rush)616 Master Sorcerer
mx [DNT] PropionateeGuild: (Don's)1254 Alchemist
mx [DNT] Winux Argon923 Alchemist
us [DNT] Bouteflika1128 Alchemist
gb [DNT] Tetrahydrocannabinol777 Alchemist
us [DNT] EitaxGuild: (Rest In Peace)1134 Alchemist
us [DNT] ColombianitoGuild: (Simpsons)1017 Alchemist
mx [DNT] With Colunga1083 Alchemist
br Teddy Bruckshut471 Master Sorcerer
ve Texacus593 Master Sorcerer
se [DNT] Deucalion409 Alchemist
mx [DNT] Walter WhiteGuild: (Alrase5)1090 Alchemist
us Tallula300 Master Sorcerer
ve Terence300 Master Sorcerer
eg StuckedGuild: (Rest In Peace)1416 Alchemist
br [DNT] El PezGuild: (Don's)300 Biochemist
br Itachii559 Elder Druid
eg [DNT] Youssef300 Biochemist
ve [DNT] Zahura-vip874 Biochemist
co [DNT] Alqaeda708 Biochemist
br [DNT] Junger MeisterGuild: (Don's)1471 Biochemist
br AGuild: (Rush War)1032 Biochemist
eg [DNT] PikachuGuild: (Rush War)964 Biochemist
es [DNT] DmirtyGuild: (Always Rush)958 Biochemist
unknown [DNT] Daniel Malandroso865 Biochemist
pl [DNT] Most DominatorGuild: (Don's)1054 Biochemist
Keireote300 Elder Druid
King Okie879 Elder Druid
eg Shevechanko329 Elder Druid
Keiber druid449 Elder Druid
us [DNT] Best ComboGuild: (Always Rush)854 Biochemist
mx David Colunga300 Elder Druid
us Back860 Elder Druid
eg [DNT] Buzz Yatir445 Biochemist
do [DNT] Rulayz860 Biochemist
eg Mr Sokara499 Elder Druid
br [DNT] Gordiinho466 Biochemist
us [DNT] NilveexGuild: (Sexo No Vidigal)896 Biochemist
us [DNT] Ghost SlayerGuild: (Rest In Peace)1231 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Kensoi649 Biochemist
unknown Paralyez856 Elder Druid
mx [DNT] Jose Alberto339 Biochemist
us [DNT] Spash987 Biochemist
mx [DNT] RusselGuild: (Don's)1192 Biochemist
mx [DNT] XvideosGuild: (Rest In Peace)975 Biochemist
us [DNT] BenjaminGuild: (Rest In Peace)1178 Biochemist
us [PRO] King Karmellaa1234 Biochemist
eg [DNT] Vald817 Biochemist
ro [DNT] Kyller BloodGuild: (Always Rush)1178 Biochemist
eg [DNT] Ti ToGuild: (Rest In Peace)1296 Biochemist
mx [DNT] El TakiaGuild: (Easy Ot)921 Biochemist
do [DNT] Sild GabrielaGuild: (Alrase5)1134 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Elder Saint965 Biochemist
us [DNT] WantedGuild: (Target Player)1184 Biochemist
pe [DNT] TyrenGuild: (Always Rush)533 Biochemist
pl [DNT] Speak Polones Bro362 Biochemist
us [PRO] Dr Powerz1045 Biochemist
us [DNT] Shit WantedGuild: (Target Player)953 Biochemist
us [DNT] Kick WantedGuild: (Target Player)702 Biochemist
us [DNT] Brunninzera1038 Biochemist
fr [DNT] Katheryn WinnickGuild: (Don's)1397 Biochemist
us [DNT] With WantedGuild: (Target Player)826 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Shuekito951 Archer
br [DNT] PinchevatoproxpGuild: (Alrase5)849 Archer
se [DNT] Anonimowy Pushmaxer429 Archer
us [DNT] Scobby Doo752 Archer
br [DNT] PegasusGuild: (Don's)470 Archer
us Brian300 Royal Paladin
ve [DNT] HomeGuild: (Rest In Peace)1075 Archer
se [DNT] Bengthans515 Archer
eg [DNT] Awesome Healer528 Archer
mx [DNT] Werner Heisenberg300 Archer
us [DNT] Mr RekardoGuild: (Alrase5)892 Archer
us [DNT] OzuseasavGuild: (Alrase5)1023 Archer
mx [DNT] Hunter ZolomonGuild: (Don's)354 Archer
vn [DNT] Master Pvp852 Archer
us Papa Papa PapaGuild: (Target Player)300 Royal Paladin
gb [DNT] Impact Deathbringer344 Archer
co [DNT] Stylez622 Archer
pe [DNT] Hans Kelsen300 Archer
eg [DNT] LightningGuild: (Lightning)852 Archer
pe [DNT] CanutoGuild: (Always Rush)1130 Archer
cl [DNT] Zetaa648 Archer
mx Lawliet324 Royal Paladin
us [DNT] Senior General1084 Archer
eg [DNT] Ti To Rp885 Archer
eg Osama Legend300 Archer
mx [DNT] Zkyo316 Archer
br [DNT] Tu Peor PesadillaGuild: (War Slegna)636 Archer
us Pro ManGuild: (Target Player)300 Elite Knight
mx [DNT] InfectedGuild: (Brasil Team)551 Champion
br SparksGuild: (Old Crazy Killer's)890 Elite Knight
mx [DNT] Akiles914 Champion
co [DNT] SangreGuild: (Alrase5)761 Champion

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