IP: marlboro-war.servegame.com   Port: 7171   Client: 8.6   Host: New York   
We recommend to our players to not use auto 1 hotkeys on elfbot. This can severely worsen the connection to the server. Use instead auto 200-500 for a pleased experience.

Server Status
Server Uptime: 113h 9m
Currently 16 players are online on Marlboro.
Overall Maximum: 223 players (on Jan 23 2021, 14:01:32 GMT-5)

eg [PRO] SunnyGuild: (Always Rush)888 Alchemist
pa El Dominio1013 Alchemist
mx [DNT] With ColungaGuild: (Search And Destroy)1125 Alchemist
eg Cyko303 Master Sorcerer
ve [DNT] ShaxGuild: (Search And Destroy)901 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Gato CosmicoGuild: (Search And Destroy)962 Biochemist
ve [DNT] Jorgitok939 Biochemist
ro [DNT] Kyller Blood964 Biochemist
mx [DNT] Ice Styck961 Biochemist
ve [DNT] Patrocinado848 Biochemist
Mamaloxz300 Elder Druid
eg [DNT] Buzz Yatir786 Biochemist
us [PRO] Senior GeneralGuild: (Wellcome To Hell)1085 Archer
eg [DNT] Steven984 Archer
mx [PRO] IcityGuild: (The Deadly Sins)721 Archer
us [DNT] Headshot425 Archer

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Latest update client: 15.01.2021
 Online: 16
 Accounts: 5446
 Characters: 6798
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